VAMM strives to create efficient and cost effective transportation options through essential partnerships and innovative strategies designed to be lasting, adaptive, and inclusive. 



VAMM works collaboratively with government and non-government agencies, local stakeholders, and community members to champion transportation improvements and increased transit options for all Virginians! 



The overarching goal of VAMM is to connect our community members with transportation options to fit their needs thereby filling in the gaps many face in accessing essential services, providers, and social/employment opportunities



Communicating Virginia's transit needs on a local and state level is something VAMM excells at; we bring important issues forward to the people that need to see them - driving change to happen throughout the state! 



VAMM is an essential partnership made up of Mobility Managers from across the state working to coordinate efforts as well as connect resources with opportunities in order to meet needs and enhance transportation options/accessibility.